• 5 Natural heal books that changed my life
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    5 Natural Health Books That Changed My Life

    To say that natural health books changed my life is a bold statement to make, but I feel so strongly about these recommendations because they completely transformed how I live and look at health. Would you like to have more energy, less pain, strong mental health, and prevent major disease? Wouldn’t you love to have the energy to truly enjoy each day? Or maybe you have already received a life altering diagnosis. I hope this article and the books that I  recommend will inspire you to question what it really means to achieve true health. Health Disclaimer- All material is provided for your information only. This is not medical advice.…

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    My Cancer Diagnosis and Why I’m Thankful For It

    Breast cancer Cancer Diagnosis- The two words that will send you into full panic mode. My story began two years ago. In June 2016 I was diagnosed with Stage 1A, Grade 3 infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma. I had just turned 35 and had four little kids. How in the world was it possible that I had breast cancer? Of course the immediate words from the doctor were that I would most likely need chemo and radiation due to age and grade. This was information overload and it was only the beginning. Surgeons, more testing, and BIG decisions I got in to see a breast surgeon quickly. They sent me for more…

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